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Palazzani XTJ 52 GRU

Year of fabrication New
Working height 49 m
Own weight 14000 kg
Max lifting 500 Kg
Horizontal outreach 16.5 m
Length 8.90 m
Width 1.45 m
Height - stowed 2.54 m

Self-propelling platform with 500kg hydraulic winch

Spider crane with hydraulic winch of 250-500kg maximum lifting capacity.
In the crane version, the jib has a special hydraulic installation kit, the hydraulic winch, 46-metre long cable and a support to easily replace the basket. 
The maximum lift height is 49 metres. Double outreach with variable capacity thanks to telescopic jib: 16,5 m with 250 kg capacity and 12,5 m with 500 kg. 

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